Machine inverted handle, has more than 30 years of history. It is a self-drilling machine, that is, it is the machine and not the eyelet who holes the canvas. This allows that we can place with this machine all type of eyelet in any type of thickness of tarpaulins.

This machine is operated by a reverse movement to the one of the whole life, in this case we must operate the lever forward, depends on the position of the worker with respect to the canvas we will be more interested in working with the normal lever machine or it is inverted.

This machine is designed to be attached to a table, but can also be placed on a structure with wheels. We must move the lever towards us and the machine will translate a single movement of the user in two movements, one that will be in charge of piercing the canvas and another one that will be in charge of riveting the eyelet and the washer.

With this machine we can place eyelets from 4mm to 40mm of inner diameter, and with a suitable adjustment we can place eyelet in all type of tarpaulins.