100% automatic and electrically operated machine, like all our riveting machines is a self-drilling machine, ie, which rivets the canvas and places the eyelet in a single operation. It is a machine that is used to place pots completely automatically, in some tanks we put the eyelets and in other tanks we put the washers, through guides these pieces will go down to the die and we simply have to reach the fabric and press the pedal The machine so that the machine takes care of everything and place washers and washers automatically.

Important to know that these machines place a single type of eyelet, we can not place several measures of eyelets, these machines are born for a eyelet and we must always place that eyelet, we will not be able to change happily of eyelet, nor of provider of eyelet.

It is an ideal machine for large productions or for those who want to maximize the placement of eyelet and washers.